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Canadian pockets to be affected by 2020 fuel standard: Lakeland MP Shannon Stubbs

Lakeland MP Shannon Stubbs is calling the 2022 fuel standard a “direct attack” on the oil and gas sector. The Shadow Minister for Natural Resources took to Facebook earlier this week, posting a video describing “the secret tax” as too vague for how much it will cost Canadians.

“The Liberals are pushing too far, too quickly which means the industry will have to spend tens of billions of dollars to comply. In some cases, they don’t even have the technology scaled up to do so in the timeframe the Liberals are imposing.”

The Liberal government believes improving refining processes and fuel blending could assist with the plan. The fuel standard would see carbon intensity of fuels like gasoline and diesel down 10 to 12 percent based on ratings from 2016. Stubbs says Canadians pockets will feel the brunt of the tax, which will provide added costs over and above the federal carbon Tax.

“Private sector companies are warning, for example, that the average cost of the new infrastructure that local gas stations would be forced to install to comply with the Liberal fuel standard will be $340,000. Those are costs that will have to be passed along to you.”

Over the weekend, Conservative leader Andrew Scheer vowed to scrap the plan if his government is elected in the fall.

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