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Lloydminster RCMP warns public against vigilante behaviour

The Lloydminster RCMP is advising against residents taking criminal matters into their own hands. Mounties say that as property crimes continue to affect the community, vigilantism will not be accepted and can have personal consequences. Const. Michael Hagel says that properly dealing with criminals is unsafe for the average person.

“What we don’t want is we don’t want people taking the law into their own hands,” says Const. Hagel. “It’s not safe for members of the community deciding that their stolen property is more important than someone else’s safety. We’re really pushing away from you taking matters into your own hands; let the police do their work.”

Const Hagel says that police members are properly trained to handle situations involving criminals. RCMP members are able to make proper risk assessments and react appropriately. Hagel says that getting involved with stopping criminals without this expertise may lead to more trouble.

“A person who’s acting emotionally is not thinking rationally, they’re just reacting. That leads to more and more trouble, more people get hurt, and more property gets damaged.”

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Consequences for vigilante behaviour can vary depending on the circumstances. Assaults or death can lead to homicide or assault charges, while reckless driving can lead to dangerous driving charges. Police are the only ones with the training and authority to handle enforcing the law and operate with public safety in mind. Const. Hagel assures residents that the RCMP currently has crime reduction strategies in place.

“You’re seeing a lot more uniformed police officers out on the street. It’s very important to let us do our job. We’ll take care of any property issues. Any crime issues, we will handle it.”

It’s advised that anyone who sees suspicious or criminal activity reports it to the Lloydminster RCMP.

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