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Project Sunrise better equipped to serve Lloydminster area

Lloydminster residents can now learn about mental health online. On Tuesday, the Lloydminster Region Health Foundation presented their online navigation tool website named Lloydminster Mental Health. The website is a part of Project Sunrise and helps the community better under services that are available in the area. 

A navigation tool will be educate people on mental health and illness, how to maintain good mental health and correct terms used in mental health. The Project Sunrise Animator for Mental Health Promotion, Lorelee Marin, wants people to not shy away from the subject. 

“That we all know that mental health is as important as physical health, and that we need to talk about it. And so, having conversation about how we are really doing, knowing how to reach out for support and how to help someone reach out for support if they aren’t doing well.” 

During the official announcement Lorelee said that 1 in 3 Lloydminster and area residents will have a mental illness during their lifetime. Located under the Learn tab, there is a section for strategies that talk about positive coping ideas like listening to music, and showing kindness to yourself and others. Marin wanted the website to be open to all, so everyone has the same resources. 

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“We wanted to build the skills and the confidence of people to pay attention to the people around them. How are they doing, what are those warning signs, and if you recognize that someone wasn’t doing well, how do you help them? What kind of conversation could you have with them that would really support them to get the support that they need.”

There is also a printed guide available which will be updated after six months. The website will be updated every month over the next six months. 

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