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Climate change and tax cuts highlight Tuesday promises from candidates; State of the world isn’t great according to U.N. secretary-general

Federal party leaders make more platform promises

Some pretty bold promises coming from federal parties. The Liberals announced a plan to make Canada completely carbon emission-free by 2050. Green Leader Elizabeth May already had the idea included in her platform. Sixty-five other countries made the same pledge at this week’s UN Climate Summit in New York City. Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer said if elected, he will repeal changes in taxation made by the Liberals. He promised to reverse the increase to tax rates on small business investments. NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh is expected to make a climate change announcement of his own in Winnipeg.

Future of world could include lots of conflict

The United Nation’s Secretary-General opened up talks in New York City today by painting what’s being called a grim picture during his “state of the world speech.” He talked about the possibility of war in the Persian Gulf, increase in terrorism and inequality. He also said the dispute between the U.S. and China could split the world in half.

Lost continent discovered in Mediterranean

Anyone who has travelled through Europe may have stepped foot on a lost continent and never realized it. It is called Greater Adria and stretches from Spain to Iran. It was found by Researchers reconstructing the evolution of the Mediterranean region.

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