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Al Houle says PPC plans on putting Canadians first

The Peoples Party of Canada candidate in the Lakeland riding, Al Houle, says his party is focussed on putting Canadians first.

“Basically to remove ourselves from the [United Nations] agenda’s and make Canada a sovereign country and to maintain our sovereignty,” says Houle in Lloydminster at a PPC meet and greet.

The 45-year-old decided to make his political debut under the colours of the PPC believing a change in the political climate is needed. Houle resides in Vegreville and has worked as a Powerline Technician for the past 16 years.

Late last week, Houle and his Battlefords-Lloydminster counterpart, Jason MacInnis hosted around 30 vocal residents at the Legacy Centre in Lloydminster to talk policy. The powerpoint session was an open forum as many constituents questioned the route of the current government and wondered how the PPC would make a change. During the event, many words were thrown around among participants that might have a bad connotation to some.

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“A lot of people don’t like that word, ‘nationalist’, but I believe it means that you’re for the country that you live in. You’re patriotic and you love the country.  I believe Maxime Bernier’s ideas and intentions are to do just that, to make Canada first.”

The PPC plans to strengthen freedom of speech for Canadians wherever it might be held up. The party plans on abolishing Bill C-16, which protects gender identity and expression, if elected.

One of the party’s key priorities is on “bringing Canadian immigration under control” by prioritizing economic immigrants and closing down irregular crossing points into Canada. After speaking to residents, Houle believes one of the biggest issues amongst Canadians is immigration.

“We might not see the influx of refugees and illegals that come across the border but it does affect us and people out here in the west are watching and paying attention to that.”

Houle says, if elected, his party will implement pipelines such as the Trans Mountain Expansion project. The PPC also plans to make a drastic tax reform, including phasing out the GST.

Houle says he plans on knocking on doors to speak with the constituents leading up to the Federal Election on October 21. Houle is up against current Conservative Party of Canada member Shannon Stubbs and Libertarian Party of Canada candidate Robert McFazdean.

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