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Salvation Army asking community to volunteer with Kettle Campaign

The Salvation Army Lloydminster will soon be collecting donations for their annual Kettle Campaign.

On Friday, November 15, members of the Salvation Army in Lloydminster and Mayor Gerald Aalbers officially kicked off the Kettle Campaign at the Lloyd Mall. 

Mayor Gerald Aalbers was the first person to donate to the Kettle with many people followed suit. Major Bond Jennings has been with the Salvation Army for 34 years. 

“It makes us feel good because we get a lot of support from the community, and a lot of people in the community trusts the Salvation Army with how we use the funds that have been entrusted to our care. It makes us feel good that people are trusting us that way.”

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Across the country, a majority of the Salvation Army’s had their kick offs. However, in Lloydminster, they will not be collecting donations until Friday, November 29. Jennings says it’s a busy time of year, but people are appreciative of what they do.  

“Through our Kettles it’s $57,000; we really didn’t set a goal but we’re hoping that we can top $200,000 mark with income this year, with donations that come through the mail.”  

The Salvation Army is looking for volunteers to standing beside the Kettle stand. – 106.1 The Goat/ True Lazariuk

They will have six locations with the Kettles; Lloyd Mall, Safeway, Lloydminster and District Co-op, Real Canadian Superstore, Sobeys and Walmart. They are currently looking for volunteers that are available for two hours to help with the campaign.  

“With regards to the Christmas Kettles, we try to get people to volunteer for a two hour slot throughout the day at the six locations. We only have a couple locations on the weekends, but the rest are available all week.” 

The Kettle Campaign originated in 1891, when Captain Joseph McFee wanted to help people struggling in San Francisco. He collected donations in a kettle and was able to raise enough to host a dinner. In 1903, the Kettle Campaign started in Toronto.  

Jennings believes that the Kettle Campaign has become synonymous with Christmas. They often get special help from some businesses when buying food, they often offer it at cost for the Salvation Army.

“This money that we raise, through the Kettle and through the mail-out donations that we receive, that supplies us with the needs for the rest of the year.”

The Salvation Army makes food packs for children and seniors that may be having a difficult time at home. The packs often contain enough food for the weekend. 

The Kettle Campaign runs until Tuesday, December 24. Anyone that wants to volunteer can call 780-875-9166. People can also make donations online at

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