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Lloydminster moves up most dangerous city in Canada list

The City of Lloydminster has been ranked the 12th most dangerous city in Canada in 2020 increasing one spot from last year’s list, according to Maclean’s annual rankings. The study uses data from the 2018 Crime Severity Index, which measures all police-reported crimes.

While sitting below the Canadian average in sexual assaults, robberies and youth crimes, Lloydminster is above average in six categories including homicides, firearm offences, and drug trafficking and production not including cannabis.

Lloydminster assault statistics reveal 211 incidents in 2018, representing 646.58 incidents per 100,000 residents, while the national average is 457.01. Sexual assault numbers showed 13 actual incidents, or 39.84, which sits lower than than the national average. Both sets of statistics have decreased since 2017.

According to RCMP reports, Lloydminster had two homicides last year. The rate sits at 6.13 which is just over three times the national average of 1.76.

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The City’s fraud numbers are double the national average sitting at 818.19 per 100,000 people or 267 actual incidents. The national average is 349.2.

The Border City has seen the Crime Severity Index increase by 25.84 incidents over the last five years to 166.

North Battleford remains the most dangerous city in Canada with a Crime Severity index of 386. The City has been highly ranked on the list since 2009.

The Goat has reached out to the City of Lloydminster, North Battleford and Lloydminster RCMP. We are waiting for comment.

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