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Environment Canada predicts close to average winter

Lloydminster is expected to experience an average winter. 

The month of November saw warmer weather than usual. Meteorologist with Environment Canada, Dan Kulak says residents can expect the warm weather to continue through the weekend, but it will become seasonal weather near the end of next week.

“There has been some ups and downs in the weather trends, that the kind of weather we have at this time of the year.  As we move through November, we usually get into more of a cooler variety of weather. By December we are mostly in that wintery type of a pattern with mostly temperatures below the zero degree mark.”    

Kulak expects the rest of fall will have a daytime high of minus 5. Looking into the future, he cannot predict the amount of precipitation that will fall throughout winter.  

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“There’s not any sort of strong mechanism forcing the weather around the world, like El Nino or an La Nina. When we do not get those strong El Nino or La Nina, it really, the best bet is sort of what would be an average winter. It’s the closest thing you can expect to what you might get.”   

Because it’s not expected to have an El Nino or La Nina, it’s predicted that is will be a typical winter with its own ups and downs. 

“In the middle of winter, the average high for the Lloydminster area are somewhere around minus 10 or 12 for those day time temperatures and down into the minus 20’s range or so at night.”

Kulak believes that every season has its own personality, and it’s looking that this winter won’t be too exciting.  

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