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Residents reminded ways to assist snow plow operations

Lloydminster residents are reminded to watch for snowplows during the winter season.

Mayor Gerald Aalbers says the best way to assist snow plow operations is by following signage during snow clearing operations. During full residential snow removal, signs will notify drivers of priority routes . Residents are asked not to park on those routes while signs are up including school zones.

“We want to try and do a good of a job the first pass. If people can obey the signs and not park in the streets you will get a much cleaner street otherwise they will go around your vehicle and I’m I sure your neighbours will ask you why you didn’t move your vehicle .”

Snowplows may throw up snow while clearing that could cause zero visibility for motorists. Drivers are asked to watch for flashing lights during the snow removal process to avoid collisions.

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Mayor Aalbers believes resident’s decisions will affect the quality of snow clearing.

“We ask people to just be respectful, allow our crews to do their job; they’re trying to do the best they can. Some days they’re working long days and long nights so just give them some room so they can maneuver and watch for those flashing lights.”

Mayor Aalbers says a fleet of snow clearing trucks may be on Highway 16 and 17 during snow removal. Drivers should avoid weaving around trucks to better assist the process.

“If the truck asks you to stay back eight metres, please respect that because the trucks are large, the blades and snow are being discharged on the right-hand side. When you’re passing a snow plow truck if you could pass it on the left side that would be preferable because you will be driving in a snow rut on the right side.”

The government of Saskatchewan sent out a reminder to residents earlier this week to help reduce snow plows collisions.

In recent years, the province implemented clear laws to improve snowplow safety, which allows drivers to pass a moving snowplow when safe.  Like any other emergency vehicle or tow truck, travellers must slow to 60 kilometres per hour when passing any highway equipment when warning lights are operating.



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