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Gerald Aalbers announces bid for second term as Lloydminster mayor

Mayor Gerald Aalbers is seeking a second term as mayor of Lloydminster. Aalbers made the announcement to the media following the February 24 city council meeting.

“I want to thank the voters, residents and businesses for their confidence in electing me in October 2016. The last three-plus years have been exciting and engaging as mayor of this city.”

Aalbers says he had to get his family’s approval before making his intentions official.

“I’ve had a lot of support from the community,” he adds. “I’ve had a number of people come forward complimenting where they see the city going and are satisfied with it and appreciate the leadership I brought as mayor of the city.”

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Aalbers won the fall 2016 election with 4,081 votes ahead of candidates Jason Whiting and Cheryl Ross. Aalbers ran on a campaign of transparency and honesty which he says he will stay with that message going forward.

“Transparency, openness and honesty. That’s where I plan to continue. What you saw today is what you’ll see tomorrow and you’ll see in the future.”

During his first campaign, Aalbers also ran on making the wastewater treatment plant a priority. In his second term, he says he would like to see that project through to the end. 

As far as ways to help the local economy, he says as mayor he has a limited influence on it but will carry on with advocating for the city wherever he goes.

“There’s so many factors at play as we move forward with the economy. From a municipal perspective as mayor and council, we have a responsibility to encourage investment and do what we can do, within reason, to help bring economic development. We’ll continue to do that every opportunity we have.”

He says he can’t describe the expectations of being the mayor of the country’s only bi-provincial city but he will continue to work with the premiers and governments of both provinces.

“Bringing those people here are key to making them understand it. We’ll continue to do that and I look forward to having if that’s the choice of the voters in this upcoming election.”

“We have a lot of challenges but we also have so many opportunities here in our community. I really appreciate the opportunity to lead the community for the next four years.”

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Residents will be voting in the mayor and six city councillors in the next election which is scheduled for November 9, 2020.

EDIT: The articled has been edited to fix the date of the election. The previous version of the article stated the election was scheduled for October 28. We apologize for the mistake.

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