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Residents being warned about “work from home” scams

Lloydminster residents are being warned that if a job offer seems “too good to be true” it likely is.

The Financial and Consumer Affairs Authority is sounding the alarm on fake ads by companies offering the potential to work from home as securities traders during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The ads claim people can do this job without the proper experience or license and keep a large chunk of profits. These ads also demand payment from the “would-be traders.”

Lloydminster RCMP Constable Michael Hagel says while he hasn’t received reports of this scheme yet, it’s very similar to others he’s seen.

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“Generally the scam falls on a ‘money-for-nothing’ principal. They promise you a cheque that’s worth more than the product you’re selling or the work you’re doing. Then they want you to send the difference back.”

Hagel urges people to do their research before sending anyone money because once it’s gone, it can be difficult or even impossible to retrieve.

“So, let’s say you’re selling a pair of shoes for $100. They’ll send you a cheque for $500 and say ‘Okay, here’s $100 for the shoes, $50 for the shipping, send me the rest back.’ But what you don’t realize is your cheque is fake. So once the bank makes the funds available, and once they realize the cheque is fake the money is pulled back. You’re out $500 and your product.”

Residents who believe they are being scammed are told to exit the situation and get in touch with the Lloydminster RCMP.

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