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R&D Plumbing offering “pick me ups” for both groceries and emotions

R&D Plumbing is hoping some initiatives they’re taking will nourish people’s hunger and their spirits.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic began forcing residents into physical distancing and staying home, R&D has begun offering grocery and medication delivery services. Residents in need can now call the plumbing company, who will make the supplies run and bring it to their door.

Owner and CEO Ryan McDuff says that they strive to help the community in tough times, and while this time has been tougher than most, they’re still trying to meet that goal.

“There’s going to be a lot of elderly people, who can’t leave the house and don’t have anyone around that can do that. We’re just trying to pitch in and help.”

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In addition to doing these grocery pickups, the team at R&D has begun emotional pick-me-ups while following health guidelines. The team has been going around the community with their mascot, Fire-Quacker to bring birthday, anniversary and other wishes to people who cannot have a celebration.

The idea was initially the brainchild of a woman who was looking to cheer up her son who was stuck not going to DayCare, but since then, McDuff says R&D’s crew ran with it, showing up to an estimated 40-50 homes so far.

“We drive there in our big R&D Cube van and the duck goes out. It’s been mostly birthdays, so they’ve been dancing and playing music, to [say] happy birthday, and giving the kids gift bags. Watching the kids faces light up has been pretty enjoyable.”

People wanting to utilize the R&D services are encouraged to get in touch at 780-875-9435.

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