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City Hall asks for feedback on purchasing and procurement policy draft

City Hall has released the first draft of their purchasing and procurement policy.

The review of the policy was held as a result of the controversy surrounding the city’s contract with former mayor Jeff Mulligan’s company AHHA Moments, and was meant to clarify the guidelines for purchasing equipment or awarding contracts.

Some of the highlights of the draft include requiring council approval for all contracts exceeding $200,oo0, requiring all contracts above $15,000 to go out to tender, and outlining the exceptions for sole-source contracts.

Also included in the first draft were comments received in the Your Voice night. Councillor Jason Whiting says he feels all concerns were dealt with.

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“I think the variety of different comments are answered in the draft,” Whiting said. “Contract value, the sole-source agreement, that sort of stuff, has all been addressed in there, and I think that’s ultimately what we want. We want to hear the comments from our residents, and be as transparent as we can by building this policy, referencing those comments that came out.”

Another review that stemmed from the controversy was of the code of conduct policy for elected officials. Whiting said he expects the results of the review soon.

“We will see the code of ethics come out in the first part of next year,” he said. “That is something that we want to ensure is looked after very well, and is brought forward with all aspects looked at, and I’m sure administration plus council will be involved with that as well.”

The city is asking for public feedback on the policy. The draft can be found in the latest city council agenda at, and comments can be emailed to [email protected].

Final approval of the draft is scheduled for the council meeting scheduled to be held Monday, December 14.

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