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City connecting local businesses with Keystone XL pipeline

The City is looking to help Lloydminster businesses get involved with the Keystone XL pipeline project.

TC Energy, who oversees the pipeline, has put word out to cities across the province through the Regional Economic Development Association network. The goal is finding Alberta businesses to provide various services supporting the project.

Lloydminster Economic Development Officer Daniel Hobson says this project could provide much-needed revenue for local businesses and workers, and there are several opportunities for local businesses to get involved.

“[TC Energy] are definitely looking for anything and everything. It goes as far as from what you’d expect, your mechanic, your welder, your equipment operator, down into your weed control, rodent and pest control, consumable product supply, food supplying.”

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In an effort to help along the process for businesses to apply, they’ve created an online application process on the city’s YourVoice site. Businesses can apply and give details about what they can offer to the Keystone project. The city will be using this information to pitch local businesses to TC Energy.

Hobson says they chose to do it this way to get as many workers and businesses involved as possible.

“Keystone represents so many positives, that we didn’t want to basically leave anyone out. There’s a lot of businesses right now that maybe haven’t traditionally provided some of these services, but are looking at kind of pivoting what they currently provide. This might give them an opportunity to get them in that market.”

After the City sends the list to TC Energy, the procurement and vetting process will begin by the company.

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