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Britannia Fire Department using Hillmond Drive-In funds to reinvest in community

The Britannia Fire Department says funds raised for them through the June 23rd Hillmond Drive-In event will go right back into the community.

Katie Clark, a teacher at the Hillmond School, along with a group of volunteers, created a drive-in theatre at the Hillmond Redden Arena. The goal was to bring people together while allowing for physical distancing, as everyone watched the movies in their cars.  Residents got into the movies with a donation to the fire department.

Britannia Fire Department Deputy Chief Aaron Buckingham says it was an honour to be chosen as the recipients of the fundraiser, and they were glad to be a part of the event.

“It was really inspiring to see someone in the community or a group of people in the community come together to try and provide an evening for people. Since everybody has been dealing with the COVID outbreak, there’s been very little opportunity for people to get out and do something a little bit on the fun side. So it was very nice to see that happen.”

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They plan to use the funds to reinvest in the community through their scholarship, which is provided to a community-minded student from the Hillmond School who is moving on to post-secondary. Buckingham says the winner is decided at the end of the school year and announced during the Hillmond Grants.

“It’s just something we wanted to do to be able to give back to the community, and it’s a cool way to do that, and help a young student out as they start their adult career.”

Buckingham adds that his favourite part of the event was being able to help foster a sense of community, and give them some relief from their concerns for a while.

“There was an elderly couple that came to the event,” Buckingham explains, “they pulled up and we told them what radio frequency to tune into so they could listen to the movie, and the gentleman actually said ‘You know, I don’t know how to actually turn on the radio in this car. We’re not here for that. We’re making our donation. My wife suffers from a disease and we’re not able to get out very often.’ They came in, they sat for about five to ten minutes of the show and they carried on, but it meant so much for them to have an event where they could get out of the house, and have a show to go to.”

Just over $2,000 was raised for the Britannia Fire Department, with both shows selling out.

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