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Bea Fisher Colour Within Run postponed to next year

The Bea Fisher Centre’s annual fundraiser and awareness event will not be going ahead this year.

The 2020 Colour Within Run has been postponed to next year. Funds made from the run go towards improving the centre’s support homes as well as raise awareness for people with developmental disabilities. In 2018, the run raised over $25,000.

Marketing and Business Development Coordinator Kim Crockett says the run also helps keep the Bea Fisher Centre and their work within the public spotlight.

“We just want to keep the message out there that the need exists and we appreciate the help [people, businesses and organizations] all offer.”

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The centre isn’t able to hold this fundraiser, but they were able to hold one in 2020. The organization pulled off their New Year’s event with the money raised set aside for repairing some of their support homes.

“Three homes were reshingled in the last little while. We did some fairly major landscaping improvements at one home where we had some water issues in the basement. After a number of fairly heavy rainfalls, I’m happy to report those water issues have gone away.”

He says the funds raised on New Years will also help in another renovation which is in the final stages of planning. Outside of fundraisers, the pandemic has had a minimal impact on the Bea Fisher Centre’s services. The biggest change was both staff and people within their care adapting to the new health guidelines.

“The ability for us to move from point A to point B has changed. Sometimes it’s how many people you can go out with at a time, that’s obviously changed and just the access to people. Think of anybody in a seniors facility and how those restrictions are in place, individuals in the care homes we operate are in a similar spot.”

He says the unexpected cost of purchasing personal protective equipment also had an impact on the centre. The foundation board will meet early next month to discuss possible alternatives fundraisers or events.

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