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City council candidate Shawn Davidson wants a proactive approach to city finances

A city council candidate is hoping to tighten up city spending and find new ways to build up the coffers in the next few years.

Shawn Davidson has lived in Lloydminster for 18 years and ran Orion Machining & Design for seven years before becoming owner of the business over a year ago. If elected, he says he wants to build the city reserves and become more prepared on dealing with issues such as road maintenance and the Lloydminster Cultural and Science Centre.

“It’s given me a skill set that I think I can bring to the city and operate more like a business where we can be proactive and work at making money. I don’t believe the answer for making money as a city is to tax people continuously. There’s better ways to make money and we’ll explore those avenues if I’m elected and when the time is right.”

By building up those reserves, Davidson says the city will be more prepared to make capital investments and spend money on more permanent solutions to issues as opposed to temporary fixes. As the local economy heads towards recovery from the pandemic, Davidson believes there will need to be a balanced approach by the city in order to recover.

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“Changes don’t happen overnight, but we need to change the whole mindset. That’s from the outside looking in. I don’t get to see what goes on behind closed doors, but I feel there is a lot of reactive decisions and money gets spent. We need to prepare and get a little more balance.”

Davidson also hopes to promote creating a safer and positive atmosphere in the community.

“Over the years, it’s become ‘That’s just Lloyd’ and I think we need to change that whole atmosphere and really stand up for Lloyd and the community. Make it safe for kids playing and not have to worry about the drug issues and theft. A lot of that is local policing, who are doing a fantastic job, but I’d like to be there to support that.”

He encourages residents to reach out to him on his Facebook page, email at [email protected] or by visiting at Orion Machining & Design.

“I’m excited for the opportunity and also excited that there are 18 combined candidates for council. There’s a really good draw and people are going to be able to vote in who they really feel is going to do best for them. They’re going to get a great diversification. There’s a great mix of people and any one of them looks promising.”

There are 18 candidates running for city council this election which will take place on November 9th. Available candidates will appear in the Lloydminster Chamber of Commerce virtual all-candidates forum on October 19th.

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