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Suspended drivers, unregistered vehicles focus of November SGI Traffic Safety Spotlight

Police across Saskatchewan, including in the Lloydminster area, will be looking out for suspended drivers and unregistered vehicles this November.

Every year, SGI says police in Saskatchewan catch around 3,500 people driving while suspended. They say that this is not only dangerous to everyone on the road but also can be very costly to someone who gets caught driving without a license or an unregistered vehicle.

People driving without a license can face several penalties, either under the Traffic Safety Act or Criminal Code charges. They could also be hit with vehicle seizures, lost demerit points, a court summons and fines up to $5,000 upon conviction. Drivers in an unregistered vehicle can face a $580 fine for it, and a seven day vehicle impoundment for repeat offenses.

Aside from these fines however, people driving unregistered or driving without a license will not have insurance coverage, and could be on the hook for tens of thousands of dollars in damages if they were to get into an accident.

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“Driving with a suspended license is against the law,” said SGI’s Chief Operating Officer of the Auto Fund, Penny McCune. “Unfortunately, people do it and it’s a traffic safety concern because in many cases, those suspensions were a result of unsafe driving practices.”

All November, officers around Saskatchewan will be using automated license plate readers to help catch suspended drivers and unregistered vehicles. With around 180 of these devices in the hands of police departments across the province, they’ll use it to automatically scan dozens of license plates per minute and determine if a vehicle is owned by a suspended driver, uninsured, reported stolen or otherwise flagged.

SGI is also taking the month to remind people they can renew their license, registration or insurance online, to keep themselves safe and legally driving within Saskatchewan.

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