Lakeland College is reminding people to take precautions regarding COVID-19 as a case has been found in a staff member.

The person was last on the Vermilion campus on November 19th. During that time, the person was in the Centre for Ag Technology and the WHT Mead Animal Science Centre. Due to the fact that this staff member was wearing a face covering and had been physically distancing with others, Alberta Health Services believe the possibility of COVID-19 transmission is low.

While the staff member in question self-isolates, contact tracing has begun. Lakeland staff will be contacting anyone who may have been in contact with this person and providing next steps. If someone doesn’t hear from a representative of Lakeland’s Health Services department, they likely have not been exposed to COVID-19.

In the meantime, people are told to watch for symptoms of COVID-19, and stay home should they be present. It’s advised to limit non-essential travel between the Lloydminster and Vermilion campuses and all non-essential college travel to Alberta or Saskatchewan’s higher COVID-19 risk zones.

They should also complete their daily health assessment before coming on campus, wear a 3-ply face covering, maintain physical distancing and continue enhanced hand hygiene practices.