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Jack Kemp students strike up the band for virtual concert

Musically inclined students at Jack Kemp Community School will still get a chance to strike up the band for a concert this sememster.

Despite COVID-19 guidelines putting a damper on the possibility on a live event, the students went ahead with a show for parents and family members that went ahead virtually via live stream. The event ran much like a TV special, with each class working on a different part of the show in collebarton with the rest of their peers.

Music teacher Ashley Nordby says this was the culmination of work students have been doing for a month, and many were happy to learn they could still go ahead.

“So they were, first off all I think, really excited to learn that they got to take part, and I think they were kind of wondering what it would look like in the end, so I think there was some excitement in terms of finally seeing the final product.”

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This year’s show was called “Twas The Day Before Christmas Break,” and incorperated not only music but pantomime acting elements and narration as well. Students recorded each of their pieces individually, and from there it was edited into a movie format and sent to parents and families. Each grade ended up getting an instrumental, as they chose to avoid singing, again keeping the possiblity of transfer risk.

Nordby explains that in additon to the students getting a creative outlet, parents get to be a part of the school community.

“I felt that this was a way to virtually bring our parents and our communities into the classroom, and see a little bit of a Christmas celebration that feels a little bit like what we used to do, and kind of make it bringing people together in some way.”

Links to the show has been shared with family to watch on their own time.

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