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SGI warning about telephone scam targeting their clients

SGI is warning people about a scam targeting clients of their services.

They say they’ve received reports of people posing as a client’s banking provider. The scammer sends an email posing as the bank, claiming that they need a photo or scan of the potential victim’s driver’s licence.

People are urged to only give personal information to sources they trust, and to verify the request is legitimate.

SGI advises using publicly listed contact information for SGI or their bank to call and confirm, not a phone number or email address included in the suspect email.

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If someone has provided information to someone they shouldn’t, they’re urged to follow steps outlined by the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre. These include gathering all information surrounding the scam, like emails or texts, receipts or other documents.

They should also contact their financial institution, the police and the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre to report the scam. SGI also asks people to contact them if it relates to their services.

People can also set up password-protection for their SGI information at any SGI motor licence issuing office.

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