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Thorpe Recovery Centre shining a light on lesser known facets of recovery

The Thorpe Recovery Centre is shining a light on some of the lesser-known parts of their centre and the recovery process through a new campaign.

Over the past few weeks, the Centre has begun a social media campaign personifying various parts of the centre like the boiler, gymnasium or furniture, for example. These posts, showcasing a “Day in the Life” of these items and told from their perspective, have held details about how they provide for and impact people recovering.

While it is a lighthearted campaign, Development Coordinator Sara Fox says, its purpose is to call attention to the needs and capital costs that go into day to day operation of the centre, especially as the centre has seen nearly double the clientele compared last year.

“We’ve noticed some things wearing out a little bit more, our washers and dryers are getting used significantly more. So if you think of how many loads of laundry a single person can do in a week, and multiply that by 50+ people, things are getting quite worn. On top of COVID, it’s bringing to light some new needs.”

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Right now, the Centre has 67 new people receiving treatment, more than any other month in the Centre’s history. There’s also currently a waitlist of more than 60 people.

Along with this, the Centre has been working around the COVID-19 pandemic by adapting space for physical distancing guidelines. This has meant turning their gymnasium into a meeting space, complete with setting up sound blockers so people can actually hear each other.

Fox explains that the end goal of the campaign is for people to understand that the people staying at Thorpe get all the living necessities while staying, and just be sharing this campaign they can help.

“To be able to have facilities that support their physical, spiritual, psychological [and] mental wellbeing is huge, and we’re really hoping that this project and campaign draws light to all those little facets.”

People can view the backstories on the Thrope Recovery Centre Facebook and Instagram.

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