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Simple Science Episode V-Where does DUST come from?


I aim to teach you mundane/unremarkable things POORLY because a day you don’t learn is a day WASTED!

For Example: Where does DUST come from?

If you said…OUTSIDE-you’d be partially right. You track dirt and all manner of particles in to your house everyday. There’s also the fibers from furniture and indoor plants along with…DEAD SKIN particles…That’s a hard NOPE from me, I need to invest in a Swiffer or something.

Yesterday I found a dust-WOOLY MAMMOTH under my bed and as cute as it looks, it must be eliminated…I suppose I could always just move out?

If you’ve got some suggestions on what I should cover on SIMPLE SCIENCE-call me (780) 875-1061.

Until next time-stay smart! -“Professor” Pruski.

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