The Saskatchewan Government says they’ll be capping the amount of money third-party food delivery companies can charge temporarily.

This is being done to support restaurants during the pandemic, the Government says. Delivery fees will be capped at 18 per cent of a customer’s pre-tax order if the food delivery service provider completes the delivery and 10 per cent on the purchase price if a customer picks up from the restaurant.

Trade and Export Development Minister Jeremy Harrison says that this move will make it that small businesses keep more of the money the especially need during the pandemic, supporting the jobs that it provides.

The rule, in place under the Minister’s Order via The Emergency Planning Act, will be in effect from March 28, 2021, to April 30, 2021. This cap will apply to third-party delivery providers that serve more than 50 restaurants across the province

The government says this adds on to supports like the Small Business Emergency Payment, the Strong Recovery Adaptation Rebate and the Re-Open Saskatchewan Training Subsidy.