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Simple Science Episode VI-Why do toes cramp?


I aim to teach you mundane/unremarkable things POORLY because a day you don’t learn is a day WASTED!

For Example: Why do toes CRAMP?

Things cramp up for a few simple reasons, reason A: you’re dehydrated-GET SOME WATER IN YA!

Reason B: you’re running low on minerals (particularly potassium, calcium AND magnesium). SLAM A BANANA INTO YA!

Reason C: You’re simply OVERUSING your feet…I don’t really know how we’ll combat this one but…at least you know?

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How do you FIX a toe cramp? Stretch, get some electrolytes into your system, take a hot soak or use ice to help with the discomfort!

If you’ve got some suggestions on what I should cover on SIMPLE SCIENCE-call me (780) 875-1061.

Until next time-stay smart! -“Professor” Pruski.

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