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Lakeland College holds first free tuition TikTok Challenge

Lakeland College is currently holding a challenge that will see prospective students in their Human Services department use TikTok to stand out from the crowd.

The school has unveiled their first-ever challenge using the app, called the Make a Difference contest. Aspiring students have 60 seconds to showcase how they’re making a difference in their family, school or community.

The Grand Prize Winner will receive free tuition for a semester in the Human Services class of their choice. Other prizes will be sprinkled in for other selected contestants as well.

Dean of Human Services Janice Aughey says they decided to go with TikTok as the platform simply because it allows Lakeland to connect with students on their own turf.

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“Facebook seems to be where their parents live, and TikTok is where the kids live. So reaching out to our demographic of high-school population students, we thought TikTok was the appropriate choice.”

To be eligible, contestants must be applying to one of these classes, be featured in the video, have their TikTok public and tag the video with @LakelandCollege and #LCHumanServicesMakeADifference.

From there, it’s fairly up to the prospective students what they post about, provided it meets the theme. Some students have chosen to explain why they’re passionate about their programs, volunteer work they do at places like community gardens, or how they have customers at their work leaving with a smile.

Aughey notes that it would be interesting to see if people get inspired to join Lakeland’s human service programs after seeing the TikToks, and they may use it for other programs as well in the future.

“That would be a wonderful advantage of using that platform. Highlighting the programs that we offer is something that we hope might also be a carryover. We are certainly looking to connect with our students and get to know them a little better.”

The contest is open until May 18th, and a full list of entry rules can be found on the Lakeland College website. 

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