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Expect to see more sobriety check-stops this weekend: SGI

This weekend being the May Long Weekend, drivers are being extra encouraged to be smart with the driving decisions.

SGI says more sobriety road checks will be undertaken this weekend, as officers seek to curb the number of people driving impaired. They say these officers out will provide a visual reminder of the importance of driving sober, in addition to ticketing or charging people who chose to drive while inebriated.

Impaired driving remains the biggest cause of fatal accidents in Saskatchewan. Even without deaths and injuries though, this can still have serious consequences like jail time, fines, licence suspensions, vehicle impoundments, mandatory driver education and Ignition Interlock requirements. 

People can take simple steps to avoid it all though. They should have a sober driver or a ride planned if they’re planning on getting intoxicated or stay over if they can’t. Friends or family shouldn’t let someone drive impaired, and other drivers should report someone they think is intoxicated on the road by calling 911. 

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Drivers are cautioned that consequences start at .04 blood alcohol concentration for an experienced driver. There is zero tolerance for alcohol for novice and learner drivers, and zero tolerance for drugs for all drivers.

People are also told not to be alarmed if they get stopped during one of these checks. Officers will be picking cars at random and seeing if drivers are good to drive. Sometimes, they may ask for someone to provide a breath sample, which legally can be asked for during any stop.

SGI notes these are quick, provide instant results and if the driver is within legal limits, they’ll be on the road again momentarily.

Drivers are also asked to obey speed limits, buckle up and check the weather before heading out in order to ensure a safe weekend for everyone.

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