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Vermilion lifts water restrictions, fire ban still in effect

UPDATE: The town of Vermilion says the water restrictions put in place on June 28th have been lifted. The fire ban is still in effect. 

The town of Vermilion is announcing both water restrictions and a fire ban.

Effective immediately, the town will be on Level B water restrictions. the Alberta Central East Water Corporation is making the move in response directly to increased water use during this record-breaking heatwave.

Under these restrictions, they’ll be no hydrant or sewer line flushing, street cleaning or fleet washing. They have called off fire training using municipal water or hydrants, turned off sprinklers and the spray park, and stopped filling the Lakeland Pool. Third-party water sales are restricted to human consumption only.

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The watering of town plants will go ahead, but this is because the watering truck can take water directly from sources like the Vermilion River or area dugouts.

The Town of Vermilion is also calling on residents to voluntarily reduce their water consumption where they can.

The town says the forecasted water levels will be below 50 per cent in the next five days, and ACE Water Corporation does anticipate further water restrictions. If the town needs to move to Level C water restrictions, a notice will be issued.

In a Level C restriction, water will be used for consumption, personal hygiene and household cleanliness only, the town notes.

Full fire ban in effect for next two weeks

The Town of Vermilion, upon advice from their Fire Chief, is also putting in a full fire ban for the next two weeks.

This means no open fires, including all permitted fire pits, are allowed within town limits. This ban is in place until 11:59 PM on July 10th.

If hot and dry conditions improve earlier, the extent of the ban will be re-considered, the town says.

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