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Top 5 industries that consume the most “Electric Lettuce”

I came across this video this morning outlining which careers smoke the MOST weed. (Here’s the link to the video-NowThis Weed) 

I can’t CONFIRM or VERIFY the data used in this video so take this with a grain of salt.

According to this video, here are the TOP FIVE cannabis consuming industries:

  1. Food service/Hospitality
  2. Art/Media
  3. Construction
  4. Legal
  5. Fishing

I’ve never thought about ganja use on a per-industry basis but now that I AM thinking about it…A little surprised that “Legal” is #4…I get that it’s stressful but, the courts and cannabis have a long-messy history.

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One of the things these different industries have in common is they’re all relatively stressful jobs. Want to spark one to help yourself relax after a stressful day? Makes PLENTY of sense to me.

Do you think this list makes sense or should there be DIFFERENT industries in the “Top-Five”?

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