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City to conduct curbside collection study to reduce contamination

Lloydminster residents might see GFL workers taking a look inside their bins, as they’re trying to determine exactly how people are using them, and if they’re throwing out things in the right places.

The City says they’re studying how residents enrolled in the curbside collection program are disposing of waste, organics and recyclables. Once they know more, they’ll use it to inspire future awareness campaigns to reduce contamination in the residential collection streams.

GFL Environmental crews will be conducting the assessments, starting on August 3rd and continuing for three weeks. A worker will open up the bins and do a visual inspection, not touching the bags. They’ll be checking for correct materials placed within, proper spacing of carts and blue bags, and other possible concerns.

Carts or bagged recyclables found to not be right will then be tagged with an explanation of why they’re not being collected.

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Karen Dela Rosa, Senior Manager of Waste Services says this study will work to fix implementation issues, reduce information gaps and identify key areas for improvement. It’ll also serve as an educational resource for residents as crews will be available to speak to residents should questions arise.

Frequently, the City says, they see items that can’t go in green bins put there, including clean cardboard, concrete, rocks or soil and biodegradable but non-compostable bags.

When it comes to items not belonging in the grey bin, City collection crews mostly see aerosol cans, electronics and toxic or hazardous products. Finally, the main incorrect products in blue bags are glass, soiled pizza boxes and styrofoam.

Staff will be wearing a GFL Environmental Inc. safety vest and carrying identification as they check for these items.

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