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Lloydminster & District SPCA opens “Name Your Price” event as cat population lingers at capacity

With a full house of cats and kittens looking for forever homes, the Lloydminster and District SPCA is inviting people to name their price on adoption fees.

Currently, the shelter has 108 kittens and adult cats ready for adoption, with the older animals often spending especially more time waiting to be adopted. The SPCA has to care for these cats, while also working to mitigate a 56-day backlog of cats waiting to be cared for and readied for adoption at their shelter as well.

SPCA Community Outreach Manager Becca Lawrence says oftentimes a full house means they burn through resources quicker, ranging from food and litter to spay-neuter budgets and vaccines.

“The staff, they’re working twice as hard to get everyone clean and happy and healthy. We’re just constantly on the move when we have this many animals, and then of course we don’t have the room when animals need to come in and need medical assistance or anything like that.”

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In response, until August 14th, for a minimum donation of $20, people can take home a new cat. The rabbits currently living at the SPCA are also a part of this event. The SPCA has done an event like this before during the Saskatchewan SPCA Clear the Shelter last year, with success, Lawrence says.

While the shelter is excited to see the cats find new homes, Lawrence cautions that people need to be ready for a for life commitment when adopting.

“Animals, they’re not accessories. They’re going to take time and work, and you’ve got to put the effort into it, and then they’re going to cost money as well. Vet clinics can rack up sometimes, especially if they get a little bit sick. It’s a lifetime commitment, and we do really try to make it known to everyone.”

She adds that if people aren’t ready, they can look into other donation supports which will help the cats and the SPCA will always welcome them.

People wanting to adopt a pet or find out more can call the SPCA and book an appointment to begin the process by calling 780-875-2809.

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