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New Lloydminster museum logo first look

Council got a look in on the logo design for the new Lloydminster Museum and Archives at this week’s GPC meeting.

Administration is developing a new identity for the museum starting with a logo that is intentionally abstract.

Mayor Gerald Aalbers shared that the rebranding seeks to bring a fresh perspective to the facility.

“It was really an opportunity to think about the future, but also to realize the past. The museum and archives will house both the past, as well as today’s art and the future. I think that is what some of the rebranding [is about]. It’s not something that you would have traditionally seen as the City logo, but it fits very well for the museum and archives.”

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As Council delves into the new concept, Aalbers explained some aspects of the nature of the new logo.

“It’s a place where roads or trails intersect. I think that’s one of the descriptions for the new logo, as well, the colour scheme encompasses the water, the land, the greenery [and] the development.”

Aalbers says the new design is vibrant and eye catching to attract people to come and see what’s inside the museum.

He says there were no major issues raised so the designs will likely move forward for the branding of the facility and the matter will be brought back by Administration to a future Council meeting for a decision.

Aalbers noted that the building is moving along and the City is still hoping to have an opening this year.

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