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SGI releases results of construction zone speeding blitz

SGI is reminding people that speeding through a construction zone is still speeding through someone’s workplace, after this month’s Safety Spotlight.

While people saw an egregious example of disregard for road-construction zone safety through a viral video filmed near Denholm in July, SGI says that was not the only example of someone speeding or driving unsafely in a construction area that month.

Just in the month of July, they say police handed out 62 tickets for going over 60 km/h when passing highway workers or occupied highway equipment within a work zone, with other tickets also being given out for passing highway equipment with warning lights on and not obeying flag persons, among others.

SGI also notes that these are just the people who got busted on the scene, and there will be more when photo radar tickets roll out over the coming weeks.

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People are reminded that driving unsafely could lead to not only property damage for the driver and construction crews, but serious injury and even death for those involved.

Drivers are encouraged instead to plan ahead so they don’t have to rush, make sure they’re well-rested before hitting the road.

Trying to make up time on the road isn’t worth an expensive ticket or a dangerous situation, SGI says.

Among other tickets given out were:

  • 7,457 aggressive driving or speeding offences
  • 819 distracted driving offences, including 691 for cellphone use while driving
  • 591 inappropriate use, no seatbelt or child restraint offences
  • 467 impaired driving offences, including 340 Criminal Code charges


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