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City, Youth Council sign three-year partnership

A new deal between the City and the Lloydminster Youth Council is aiming to enhance youth options in the Border City going forward.

Chair of the Youth Council Rylee Wood points to the hard work and the foundation that has been laid as they enter into the agreement with the City. Wood expressed her gratitude for the City’s support and encouraged more young people to get involved.

“As for the youth in Lloydminster, please remember that we are here for you. We are your voice. If you want to see an event here please let us know. Is there something that you need or want our help with? Reach out. We are accessible at any time at Our social media platforms are always open.”

The youth council dates back to 2016 and it’s involvement includes advocacy work, recreation and support for vulnerable residents including the drug strategy and substance abuse.

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The three-year deal gives $7500 annually to the youth council. Three thousand dollars in kind access to City facilities and 120 hours of administrative support which will cover items like grant writing.

Mayor Aalbers indicated that they are looking to the youth partnership for it’s guidance and suggestions as they build leaders and the future of the city.

“There could be a mayor in the group. There could be councillors. There could be a premier. There could be cabinet ministers. It would be great to have a prime minister in our group. A future prime minister. So no matter where they lead. It’s not just in municipal or government. Leaders in the business community. Leaders in the social field. Wherever they step up to.”

Wood and the youth council members are excited for the new development and stressed that given the changing face of Lloydminster they are open to participation and involvement from across the diverse makeup of the Border City.

“I believe that the youth council is a great way to bring everyone together. In council, it doesn’t matter if you go to Holy, it doesn’t matter if you go to Comp, we are all on council together. We are an influential generation. We are a group of youth. We want to see changes in our community. We want to make them happen. We go out there and make them happen.”

The Lloydminster Youth Council is a subcommittee of the Lloydminster and Area Drug Strategy. The City says the Youth Council will be involved in social programs and the City’s services department as they create activities to foster more engagement, recreational and volunteer opportunities for youth.

Wood pointed out some youth may not want to get involved on council, but can be part of the membership.

The Council is presently accepting applications and the deadline is September 15. A swearing in is scheduled for September 27.

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