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Indigo partners with Mother Teresa for early childhood reading

The book your child always wanted to read could soon be in their hands as Indigo teams up with Mother Teresa for a fundraiser to get books into the school.

Until October 3rd, Indigo is running an online Adopt a School profile page where residents can donate to the Mother Teresa Early Childhood Education Center. All of the money donated will go directly to the school to buy new books for the kids. Also, Indigo will give a 30 per cent discount off the price for any books bought using the money that is raised during this event.

Principal Sheila Jurke says as the school is coming on 10 years, their librarian applied to the Indigo Love of Reading Foundation to get new books and they were selected for the program.

Jurke noted one factor for children to be successful in life is their ability to read by the end of grade two and reading is central to the work that they do.

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“We know that by getting engaging titles; books into our library that the children really can get their hands on, take home, borrow, use in the classroom, [this] will make a big difference. The more that children are exposed to books throughout their day, the more successful they will be in their school career.”

Indigo’s annual fundraiser aims to promote and support reading and allow the adopted school to get new, engaging books for their kids. Usually people would be able to go into the bookstore, but Jurke pointed out that with the LloydMall being closed, the entire promotion will be online.

“Our Lloydminster mall is currently closed, so that has made it a little more challenging. That’s one of the reasons that we are hoping through this interview today that we can get the word out to our community. Because we are looking for support through online donations.”

The link for residents to make donations can be found on the Mother Teresa Facebook page.

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