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RCMP reminds drivers, pedestrians to be aware during low visibility season

With the Fall upon us and visibility being impacted by shorter days and inclement weather, the RCMP is reminding walkers, riders and drivers to be aware.

With this lessened visibility, the RCMP says, the situation becomes riskier for people walking or on bikes.

According to RCMP stats, there were 192 pedestrian-involved accidents in Alberta, 16 of which resulted in fatalities. The most common times these happened were in the months of August and September, and most often between the hours of 2 PM and 5 PM.

The RCMP says drivers need to remember that at both marked and unmarked crosswalks, vehicles must stop for pedestrians. They also note that people behind the wheel coming up on flashing crosswalk lights should slow to 30 km/h and yield to pedestrians signalling to cross, making sure they’ve crossed before going ahead.

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Working headlights are also important, so drivers can see anything on the road at night. The role of night road safety isn’t only on drivers though.

The RCMP says people walking should signal intent to cross by pointing in the direction they’re going. Also, they should make eye contact to make sure the driver can see them.

Pedestrians should also not cross a street in the middle of a block or between parked cars, and if a sidewalk isn’t available, walk off the road against the direction of traffic.I f there are no crossing lights, wait until all vehicles have come to a complete stop before crossing.

It’s also recommended if walking at night or in low visibility, pedestrians should wear bright reflective clothing.

Supt. Gary Graham of the Alberta RCMP Traffic Services notes that motorists and pedestrians should each do their part to share the road responsibly and to ensure everyone’s commutes are safe.

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