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SHA will reject legal affidavits surrounding COVID vaccine, says they serve no purpose

The Saskatchewan public is being reminded that a legal affidavit is not needed in order to object to immunization.

The Saskatchewan Health Authority maintains that COVID-19 vaccination is a voluntary process, and as such, they are not regulations, bylaws or orders under The Public Health Act, 1994. 

The SHA says they’ve seen some people interpreting the public health measures regarding the COVID vaccine and its guidelines as a mandatory immunization policy, and as such have sought legal affidavits objecting to immunization.

The SHA says that these serve no purpose because it is not a legal requirement. They note that some Commissioners of Oath in Saskatchewan charge a fee for processing an application like this, and this spending is for no reason, as these affidavits are not entered into any health database and are destroyed when they are sent in. 

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The SHA also points to unvaccinated residents having the option of getting a negative test to access events, public spaces or their places of work as further accommodation of people choosing not to be or unable to be vaccinated.

The provincial health board also said in their statement that no other documentation will be accepted in lieu of proof of vaccination or a negative test result.

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