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Trick or treat tips to stay healthy over the Halloween weekend

Saskatchewan’s Chief Medical Health Officer Dr Saqib Shahab is encouraging safety first tips for kids and adults too over the Halloween weekend.

His comments came at Friday’s online PEOC briefing. He recognized that Halloween is a great time for trick or treating and getting outdoors, but he urged for caution bearing in mind that young children are not vaccinated.

“Children should go in small groups, mostly household groups. If they can wear masks, I think that’s an added layer of protection as part of the costume. Wait for one group of children to leave the doorway and give them space, before going up to knock on the door.”

Shahab said candy and other snacks can be distributed using tongs and thereby avoid contact, and as well, anyone giving out treats should also wear masks. Also, if people are sick they should not participate.

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Shahab also called for caution on the part of drivers to look out for small children as it gets darker in the evenings.

He also had similar tips for adults getting together over the weekend.

“You know I would urge caution. If you want to get together, keep your groups small, consistent and fully vaccinated. Take advantage of the many venues that have proof of vaccination and indoor mask use. But even if you are not in such a venue, keep your mask on as part of your costume. Really I think sticking to small consistent groups is going to be key.”

Shahab noted that they have not seen a surge following Thanksgiving. He recognized the added protection of vaccines which was not the case last year, but he still urged overall caution for both kids and adults.

Earlier this week the SHA released several reminders to maintain health protocols over the Halloween weekend.

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