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Onion Lake Cree Nation app to enhance communications

The Onion Lake Cree Nation application built by AIVIA out of Edmonton is now available for download on mobile devices.

Director of Operations Philip Chief says the new application will deliver news, events, employment opportunities and connect band members where ever they are to resources in the community.

“It will be accessible to all membership as well as anybody that would really just want to know more about Onion Lake, you are more than welcome to download it. But there is also a part of the app that also provides our membership secure access to certain documents that we would like to have them review. For instance if it’s a referendum call.”

Chief noted there tends to be an information gap and he sees the app as filling those communication shortfalls. He notes the difficulties that COVID restrictions have caused in bringing people together as things like the quarterly band meeting in their community have been curtailed.

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He said they have been using other social media platforms and their website to get information to band members and is looking forward to having the full use of the app to augment their communication strategy.

“We will be in full operation in the next couple of weeks. You will probably start seeing some new information added on within the week, but as far as it being fully functional, it will be within two weeks and we are really eager to provide all the information to membership.”

He says the community leadership sees the advent of the app as being able to enhance their ability to provide timely information in several areas.

“Anything from education announcements to all departments, if they have particular information, forums or workshops or virtual workshops. All those facets will be open through the app. There’s also a function within the app that allows us to call emergency meetings.”

Chief indicated by setting up a profile, they can then be able to get important documents to members ahead of such meetings. He said several other options are also possible like creating archives for video material, language education and teachings from the Elders.

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