While the jobless rate on the Saskatchewan side of  Lloydminster is trending down over the last four months, by comparison, it continues to fluctuate on the Alberta side by about a percentage point each month for the same period.

The Prince Albert-Northern region, housing the Lloydminster area on the Saskatchewan side was at 5.3 per cent in August, 5.1 per cent in September, 5.0 per cent in October, and for November 4.7 per cent.

Overall Saskatchewan’s unemployment measure is down for November over the previous month sitting at 5.2 per cent.

On the Alberta side, in the Camrose-Drumheller region which includes Lloydminster and area, the unemployment rate was 8.8 per cent in August, 9.2 per cent in September, 10.2 per cent in October and for November 8.9 per cent.

Overall, Alberta is maintaining a downward trend over the last four months moving from 8.8 per cent in August to 7.2 per cent for November.