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More events in 2022, Legacy DIY

“We are wanting to do more quarterly events.”

Officially in their second year, Legacy DIY’s Lorne Davidson is thankful for all the support the downtown market hub has received as they look forward to the new year.

“Next year we are actually going to start approaching certain businesses for potential sponsorship for the small businesses that are downstairs. We want to make it as cheap as possible for the small start-ups to be able to launch their businesses. In return, the businesses that want to sponsor the small businesses, they get super cheap advertising. They will be displayed in the market and at various events that we do.”

Davidson says October’s Pumpkin Fest signalled their one-year anniversary in the Border City.

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He explains their business model is a makerspace, where room is created for innovative enterprise to benefit from tooling and mentorship. He says there is about 30 of those operations across Canada, but the difference at Legacy DIY is the market space to retail products.

“My inspiration was a makerspace down in California called Urban Workshop. They are North America’s third largest makerspace. They were largely focussed on business, versus most of Canadian makerspaces, which are based on hobbies.”

He says they had to find profit making solutions in order to survive in the short term, despite the COVID pandemic.

He adds small businesses need tooling resources, be it to cut business cards, as well as market their product. They need a showcase, which is what Legacy DIY provides and they need mentorship. That aspect highlights the collaborative quality of makerspaces, as they team up to share the high-tech tools that are available, as well as knowledge and information.

As an example of mentorship, Davidson shares about Ironjet who have set up shop on the third floor.

“They have been with us before we even opened our doors. They were one of our first sponsors. They donated their equipment for the public to be able to use and they have taken their years of knowledge and they have been teaching people how to silk screen. So essentially how to compete with them. And they are one of my best mentors that I have had and they are always looking for new ways to help the community.”

Davidson and the Legacy DIY hub are extending best wishes for the season.

“I’m just really proud of the community we’ve formed here. Our vendors, members, small businesses that operate here have all brought down Christmas decorations and Christmas lights to really make this a festive place for everybody. On behalf of the Legacy community, we would like to wish everybody a Merry Christmas and we look forward to seeing you all in the new year.”

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Legacy DIY is open seven days a week.

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