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Alberta signs off on Lloydminster city annexation

The City of Lloydminster is expanding west into Alberta as the provincial government has agreed to allow the annexation of lands from the County of Vermilion River.

The approval was granted on January 26th, taking effect from the start of the year. However, city officials indicate as the Border City is governed by the Charter of Lloydminster, a complimentary Order in Council is being sought from the government of Saskatchewan before the transition is finalized.

Mayor Gerald Aalbers is confident of getting the Saskatchewan approval.

“Saskatchewan, we made them aware that we had received approval and they are working on it right now. So we don’t know how soon we will receive the Order in Council from Saskatchewan, but we don’t anticipate any challenges at all with that, because of our uniqueness of that Charter.”

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The annexation involves 23.5 quarter sections of land along Lloydminster’s northern, western and southern boundaries within the Province of Alberta.

Aalbers believes some 11 residences that are within the jurisdiction of the County of Vermilion River will be brought into the City’s boundaries.

“The municipality does not get to own the land. It simply falls into the city’s jurisdiction. That’s the largest difference. Their taxes will come to the city of Lloydminster rather than to the County of Vermilion River. If they need fire protection, it will be provided by the city of Lloydminster.”

Aalbers also notes that “the ability to grow and develop is critical to Lloydminster’s long-term social and economic sustainability, (and) the city will look to attract new business and housing developments.”

The city noted the discussions with the county date back to 2011 and they will be working with the county to ensure a smooth transition.

Officials indicate a full transition document covering governance, municipal services, properties, utilities, licenses, permits and taxes will be on the city’s website in the coming weeks.

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