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Sask NDP disagrees with Feds use of Emergencies Act

With the Federal government revoking the use of the Emergencies Act Wednesday afternoon the Saskatchewan NDP has expressed concerns about its use and consequences for the future.

Official Opposition Deputy Leader and Justice Critic Nicole Sarauer in a statement says “that this first use of the Emergencies Act is precedent-setting and will have implications moving forward.”

Sarauer noted that they do not always concur with positions taken by the Federal NDP who had voted with the Liberal government to support the use of the emergency laws.

“We are the Saskatchewan NDP and we often take positions that are different from our federal counterparts. And this is one of them.”

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Sarauer stated that “law enforcement clearly had the tools needed to address illegal actions” that occured during the protests and as such, they did not support the use of the Emergencies Act in Saskatchewan.

“We just don’t see it as necessary. It’s a pretty big hammer for the feds to use and it’s not needed in Saskatchewan.”

The opposition statement points out that any illegal actions taken during the protests should not “go unchecked and should be properly prosecuted.”

The Saskatchewan Opposition Deputy Leader also addressed divisions in the country and called for leaders to build unity.

“It is our job to unify those we were elected to serve and to dial down the current temperature of political discourse. We are calling on this premier to shelve his political rhetoric and to join us in that endeavour.”

Sarauer concludes that they were elected as representatives not to push their own political agendas, but to stand up for the best interests of the people who call this province home.

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