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Donut donations sweeten local non-profits

“Who knew that donuts would bring joy. That there was joy in the donuts.”

Michelle Rusteika owner/operator with Sobey’s Lloydminster says that helping kids to be involved in their community and paying something forward was key for them getting involved with this initiative.

Students at Mother Teresa Early Childhood showed their kind spirit in February as they designed donuts which were created by the Sobeys bakers and then sold with the proceeds going to some local charities.

Grade One teacher Paige Kindopp says the kids learned about the benefits of random acts of generosity as they visited several businesses to talk about their donuts and give some away.

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“They got to feel what it’s like to not just give, but also receive some random acts of kindness. So for our classroom we visited a few local organizations that are close to our school and we gave them some of our donuts that we had picked up from Sobeys. Just to spread some joy and kindness around the world. And they were so grateful.”

Every class at the school learned about the baking process and designed their own donut to share the kind hearted spirit. Over a three week period the sales generated $3422.50.

The money is being shared among Points West Living, Lloydminster Rescue Squad, Lloydminster Public Library, Lloydminster Interval Home Society, Furbabies Furever Homes and the local SPCA.

Rusteika said the projections they did at the start were blown out of the water.

“Day one we started. We did a run in the morning of donuts, and by the afternoon, it was like,’Oh my gosh, we are going back, I got to do more donuts.’ They were just gone. People would stop in and buy stacks.”

Kindopp adds the fundraiser supported school spirit as everyone was excited about what the other class was doing and they were cheering each other on.

“We got to share what each donut meant and how it represented the school.”

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