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Green party candidate running in Lloydminster constituency

With the Saskatchewan provincial election on the horizon, Saskatchewan residents in the Lloydminster constituency may be wondering what their options are.

So far, four parties have candidates running in the Lloydminster constituency. The Progressive Conservative Party of Saskatchewan does not have a candidate campaigning for the Lloydminster riding. However, there are candidates representing the Liberal party, the Green party, the Sask party, and the New Democratic Party.

Lisa Grant is one of the candidates campaigning for the Lloydminster area and she represents the Green Party. Grant currently lives in rural area, south of Pierceland with her family and a number of pets and livestock. She is a mother to two sons and is an active volunteer with numerous organizations in her community.

Living out near Pierceland, one of Grant’s main issues she wants to tackle has to do with infrastructure for the Lloydminster and area region.

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“Highway 21 between about Paradise Hill and Pierceland, and even north of Pierceland… it’s a gravel highway and it is horrendous, and I’ve actually had other constituents mention it as well, that their one issue right now is the highway. It can barely be called a highway. It’s really hard to travel on, especially when it’s wet, whether it’s been raining or during spring melt; it’s a big mud puddle. Something needs to be done about it. There’s a few different options but it’s not safe as it is right now. Vehicles get damaged, cars end up in ditches, and there have been fatalities on it,” says Grant.

Grant has always been hungry for knowledge with a keen interest in politics and this will be the fourth election she’s run in.

She says she first got into politics after an election years back where she didn’t feel there was a candidate in her riding that she was confident in, and she continues to run for the voters out there who feel the same way she felt, to give them someone to vote for.

“I care about people. I want what’s best for my neighbours and for the people around me. I’ve lived both urban and rural, I’ve lived in the city and I now live in the country, and I have before. So I understand both perspectives that are represented by the riding,” says Grant on why she feels she’s the right candidate for the Lloydminster constituency. 

Another issue Grant is passionate about is guaranteed minimum income.

“Supplements that we’re looking at, and other jurisdictions are as well… We could end poverty in the province just by consolidating a few programs into one funding program, and end up saving the province money in the process,” she explains.

For information on when, where, and how to vote, check out

Election day is on the 4th of April.

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