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NDP running candidate in Lloydminster constituency

The Saskatchewan provincial election is 2 weeks away.

If you’re a resident of Saskatchewan, able to vote April 4th, and you live in the Lloydminster constituency, now is as good a time as any to learn your options.

So far, four candidates have been campaigning for the riding. The Progressive Conservative Party of Saskatchewan does not have a candidate running in our area. Meanwhile, Lisa Grant is running for the Greens, Dolores Pahtayken is representing the Liberals, the Sask Party candidate is Colleen Young, and the NDP has Michelle Oleksyn.

Oleksyn grew up in Turtleford and now lives in Lloydminster. She studied education, receiving her Bachelor degree in 1987, and she currently works as a teacher at Lloydminster Comprehensive High School.

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Prior to that, she and her husband ran a family farm for 10 years and raised 3 children during that time.

Oleksyn says she’s running because she sees things aren’t working in the province right now and Saskatchewan can do better.

“The priorities of the people are not the priorities of the current government. I believe Cam Broten, as our leader, gets it, is focused on what the people need, and he’s providing a solid platform to get the job done,” says Oleksyn.

Three issues that Oleksyn wants to tackle coming out of this election are employment, affordability of services like housing and healthcare, and education.

“This is a very diverse constituency. The people here are not feeling that their concerns are being addressed by the current government. I go to work everyday as a teacher and I’m advocating for my students. I know how to get things done and I want to be the voice for the Lloydminster constituency, so we don’t have to be talking about the same issues every year, like highway 21. We need to move forward and we need to re-prioritize the way our government spends the money in this province,” says Oleksyn.

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