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Local Honda rolls out drivers ed

Young drivers are the target group for a two-day session to remind about the dangers of impaired and distracted driving. A participant will need to commit for one of the hour long sessions being run over the two days.

As MyLloydminsterNow has previously reported, in Saskatchewan, distracted and inattentive teen drivers cause an average of 138 injuries per year, according to SGI.

Becky Bumbacco with Lloydminster Honda says their first annual driver’s ed session is aimed at promoting safer decisions behind the wheel.

“We’re targeting the younger driver demographic in the community. So teens that have recently gotten their license or their learner’s license. We are going to have a couple of courses set up so they can have a fun, interactive way to have some real world experience with the potential dangers around distracted driving and impaired driving.”

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Saskatchewan teens (ages 15-19) are twice as likely as those of other ages to be injured due to impaired driving. Impaired (drugs and/or alcohol) teen drivers on average were involved in 4 fatal collisions each year, over the last 10 years, according to SGI.

Bumbacco says the June 17-18 sessions will allow young drivers to get some instruction led by professional racing tutors through two courses for an interactive experience on impairment and distraction. Participants can have their photo taken in a racecar that they will have at the Lloydminster Honda lot.

Bumbacco says the sessions are free. They have reached out to about 28 high schools in the Border City are area as they seek to impress the safety message to the new drivers on the block.

“Just to help them understand some of the dangers around distracted driving and impaired driving which are the two most prevalent causes of life-altering events. Our goal is to help mitigate the potential for those occurring and just to keep our community a bit safer.”

Eleven per cent of all collisions in Saskatchewan for 2020 involved drivers 19-years and younger. That’s over 2,700 collisions. That age group comprises 6.4 per cent of Saskatchewan drivers.

On Friday June 17th drivers ed will start after school at 4 p.m. Then Saturday June 18th the sessions starts at 9 a.m.

Participants can pre-register by calling Lloydminster Honda at 780-875-8355 or by emailing their reception.

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