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New LPSD director looks forward to 2023

Life’s journey has brought a new director at the Lloydminster Public School Division from Humboldt to the Border City.

Director of Education Jason Neville is settling into his new environment and looking forward to the new year as he reflects on what the move across Saskatchewan has meant for him.

Neville says the school board has tasked him with bringing forward their vision and working towards their ideal state. Ongoing strategies will be literacy programs as well as the mental health of students and staff.

“That’s been a big piece of discussion recently and then our work around raising our Treaty Six and Métis flags at our schools. We have raised flags at a couple schools and are working towards raising them at more – and all the work and learning that goes along with that piece.”

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The new director who came to Lloydminster in August commended all the work that goes in – even prior to the flag raisings at schools.

“In my opinion, those are powerful days – and just knowing the education that has happened leading up to those days. It’s not just a day we set aside and raise a flag. There’s work that’s done beforehand with the students and the community – and learning there. So it’s a celebration of reaching another step down that pathway.”

On the mental health effort, Neville indicated the LPSD is gathering data ahead of implementing strategies in the new year.

Turning to the build and extension taking place at Lloydminster Comprehensive, Neville said the renos at the highschool is a big piece for the division and the community.

“That’s exciting now you can see the structure – the roof is on. They are starting to do some more interior stuff so you can start to picture it now and I know there is some excitement. There are growing pains as well – working around all the construction pieces, but it’s going to be beautiful down the road for sure.”

Completion of the work at Lloyd Comp is slated for late 2023.

Neville indicated that there is excitement with the return to regular school activities.

“The participation numbers are way up. Students are excited to be back and want to participate in extra things. That’s exciting there. Just to see what that is going to look like after you get four or five months of people back to normal. And we have a lot of students like grade one, two and three who don’t know what normal schooling would be like because they have not been through a full year of regular schooling.”

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Neville is extending best wishes for the holidays to the community on behalf of the LPSD.

“I really hope everyone does have a good holiday season. It’s been a focus so far in my conversations around mental health – just taking time to relax, enjoy family and do something for yourself just to recharge and refill the bucket. Don’t forget, we are always worried about looking after everyone else – don’t forget to look after yourself.”

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