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Border City Connects gets new Careavan

A new care van or Careavan is now in the hands of Border City Connects for its program which transports clients to non-emergency medical appointments in the big city.

The old bus bought in 2015 had clocked over 340,000 kms and before its lifecycle became toast, planners were able to negotiate a new ride courtesy donor-dollars from the Lloydminster Region Health Foundation.

CEO Stephanie Munro says Border City Connects applied for grant funding support and the board agreed to pitch in.

“Getting to those appointments in Edmonton or Saskatoon – if you’re a senior or you’re someone that doesn’t have transportation or a family member or a loved one or friend to be able to take you to those appointments, who can you rely on? So by having the Careavan in place – it’s a huge enhancement for our community and it gets used on a daily basis. Sometimes they are turning around and going to Saskatoon and then right back around and going in the opposite direction.”

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The Denham-Chrysler wheels will be hitting the highways to take clients from their front door to appointments in Edmonton, Saskatoon and elsewhere for a nominal fee -and then bring them back to Lloydminster.

Glenn Fagnan, executive director, says they transport about 15 people each week to appointments around the region as well as to the city. He is expressing their gratitude to the LRHF.

“As far as the value of our partnership with the health foundation; we’ve partnered in many different things, but it’s fantastic for them to step up. We really appreciate them. Without the health foundation in this region, we wouldn’t be doing this. And without all our volunteers we would not be doing this. So the volunteers are the other key part.”

Fagnan adds they have a second van which also needs to be changed out and they will be bringing details of a fundraiser for that venture in April.

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