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Evolving Esport potential at Holy Rosary

Esport enthusiasm is continuing to build at Holy Rosary high school as students make use of the 30-gaming station computers that have been set up in the school’s new wing.

The students have been engaging in Esport extra-curricular contests with schools in the States as well as a couple Canadian schools. Officials indicate that one of their goals as the program continues to evolve will be to roll out four courses from credit next year.

Esport is a competitive format of video gaming that brings competitors together via the internet and allows spectators to watch gamers compete against each other.

Holy Rosary high schooler Michael Payne says Super Smash Bros. Ultimate has been his go to game, but he also pitches in with the other teams. He sees the new program as upping his scholarship options.

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“A scholarship would be nice. I’ve heard a lot about that. There’s the scholarships in Lethbridge I’ve heard about and I’m hoping maybe to get one of those. I don’t know.”

At the start of the year, the Lethbridge College Kodiaks debuted its new gaming studio with 12 computers which is being used as the launch pad for its gaming contests in the various Esport leagues like League of Legends, Valorant, or Rocket League. School officials put the cost at some $130,000 for the equipment.

Holy Rosary’s athletic director Ashley Fullarton who helped get the Esports program “off the ground” says they have over 30 competitors as well as some substitutes who can come off the bench.

Fullarton explains the next steps in the evolving Epsort program as they seek to build the skills of the students.

“Right now the stuff that they are doing id for extracurricular and then they are opening up a class, so it will be similar to a physical education class that happens in the school. We are going to have an Esports class, so it doesn’t necessarily mean that they are on the team, but it gives them another chance to work on those skills and help utilize some of those things within the classroom.”

Meanwhile a few Holy Rosary teams are advancing in the PlayVS league in which the school competes. These are Madden, NBA 2k23, Mario Kart, Rocket League and Splatoon.

Apart from the scholarship earning potential, Holy Rosary officials also see the emerging career options via Esports in game design, marketing, and event management.

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